Friday, February 25, 2005

Teething Hell

I've decided that Elias has a very low threshold for pain. At least if I think of it that way, I don't have to believe that he is suffering any more than any other baby. In some babies, I've heard that teeth magically appear from one day to the next with no signs of distress. With Elias, it's like amputation without the use of anesthetics. BAD NEWS. Last weekend, the drool started full force. A friend came over and I showed her his gums. She said she thought they looked pretty bad: swollen and red. On Monday, he was so miserable and sensitive. He would just think of falling on his head and start to cry, although at times he would actually tumble (he's really on the move these days, standing up on anything and everything, and VERY DARING), usually resulting in a good cry and a need for consolation. I finally broke down and sent Brad to the store for baby ibuprofen. Reluctantly, I adminstered the first dose on Wednesday morning. I couldn't take his pain any longer. He seemed relieved. I felt relieved. Yesterday morning, same thing. He started to show signs of pain and crankiness and I did it again, and again, we were both relieved. Today, he got a dose in the morning and one at night. After teething oils, homeopathic remedies, cool teething rings, wet washcloths, plastic teethers, rubber spoons, and baby tylenol, I am so tremendously thankful that something is working.

At present, Elias has two bottom teeth (in the middle) and one I tooth (left of center) on the top. According to the swelling, he may have four front teeth on the top before too long. At this rate, I fear that his adult teeth will be pushing through at around 9 months.

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Elias and Mommy having a good time! Posted by Hello

My little crawler! Posted by Hello

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Elias is soooo sweet

Today while napping, I gently picked up my little boy's hand to give it a soft kiss. I noticed, as I raised his hand to my face that Elias's hand smelled sweet, like cookies. I thought, "What has he been eating??" Cookies? No, not yet. I guess he just smells sweet! My baby smells like cookies, how fitting for such a sweet boy.

Saturday, February 12, 2005

Bjork, Clinic and other melodies...

So, as of today, I can say that Elias crawls, officially, no more face sliding, and has two teeth. He has actually been crawling for at least a solid three weeks, and much time is now spent preventing catastrophic head bashes and the thwarting the insertion of dangerous materials into the mouth. It is a challenge to keep kids from hurting themselves without squelching their creativity and pride.

Also, according to the doctor and the amount of drool that continues to flow from his oral regions indicates that more are teeth on the way! Yippee! But what's happening to my little baby?? This continues to cause grumpiness at times throughout the day. But, maybe the teeth will all come in quickly and then we'll have some peace. We'll see. His teeth are sharp little buggers that are not afraid to lock onto mommy's teet! Ouch.

I have started *trying* to feed Elias solid foods. At first, he was way into the rice cereal. Then, I introduces pears, not a big fan of the pears. And now, he is not interested in any cereal or anything. I am, as usual, kinda freaking out, imagining a severely anemic 2 year old grasping weakly onto my sagging breast, not a pretty thought. So, I got some information regarding starting solid foods from the health library at Kaiser. There was a video I checked out: Feeding with Love and Good Sense. It was the cruelest video a parent could watch. The video showed all of these "NOT TO DO" scenarios and said awful things like, "Now Matthew may feel badly about himself," after his father did all the wrong things when trying to feed him. It was so traumatic because I was certain I had already done all of the awful things they said not to do, and therefore, according to the video, had really screwed up Elias, I was so depressed. Ho hum. Elias, if you are reading this 20 years from now, after years of psychotherapy, know that I was only trying to help you grow. Sorry for wanting to to eat food, assuming that you were hungry because you eat all night long.

Elias has also shown preference to the soothing sounds of Vespertine, Post and Telegram by Bjork. He is lulled to a calm state as he listens to all of the interesting instruments utilized by such a creative mind. He also enjoyed Clinic the other day in the car. He is definitely hip and trendy in that way. Usually in the car, we start out or end up with these tunes blasting loudly in order to calm the beast who does not appreciate the restraint provided by his car seat. This music causes the most blank stare I have ever seen on a human. He becomes so still that I wonder if he didn't just choke on a button or something and die. His eyes do not blink and he does not move at all for what seems like minutes (as observed from the special baby spy mirror from the back seat). To be honest, the effects of these tunes kinda freaked me out yesterday. I almost pulled over to check for a pulse! I am thankful, in other ways, that the screaming is quieted and more importantly, that our little bug can sit back, relax and enjoy the ride whilst enjoying music that is tolerable by all (except maybe for Brad).