Monday, November 29, 2004

And he rolls over!

Yesterday, Elias rolled from his back to his belly. I think he may have inadvertently cheated, however, because I was changing him when it happened and think I may have turned him a bit more than he can do himself!

He's been very chatty today and is currently complaining at his purple elephant. I think he wants to be held.

Isn't it cruel that babies start teething before they can hold objects in their mouth??

Saturday, November 27, 2004

This is about my son...

After journaling the exciting day-to-day happenings of my little 3.5 month old, Brad suggested I create a blog because he assures me that it will *always* exist forever in cyberworld, a much more reliable place than on paper, which, I presume, could be stolen, burned, tossed in the trash, or suffer many other forms of total annihilation. And if destroyed, what legacy will Elias have? How will he know of the earlier days of his life which he will not remember in his own mind?

So, those who read this may feel somewhat like they are opening up a book somewhere past the first few chapters, as Elias is, as I mentioned early, already 3 months and 13.9 days old right now, and much has been scribed thus far in his honor in the earlier, paperback addition.

Elias just went to sleep. Tonight I was thinking as he lay sleeping in my arms, how much I wish I could just hold him forever, for looking down upon him, he seemed so comfortable and completely content. I felt kind of sad when the fatal moment arrived where I would have to gently transfer him from my arms into the co-sleeper next to the bed, and leave him to start "getting things done" around the house. I almost felt like crying. How lucky, though, am I to be the person who can give him such a comfortable, cozy place to end his day?? He's so special and he makes me feel special too.

Elias wasn't super chatty today. He had a big day on the go. We spent most of the afternoon with Khris at Starbucks, and quite frankly, Elias slept during most of our time at Starbucks. He pulled another one of his "fall asleep on mommy's naked breast and make her forget to put it away in public" scams. I was wondering why the starbucks barista kept coming around to our table asking if things were good and bringing free samples of cinnamon scones and gingerbread lattes. It was the least he could do, right?

Eli is the best little baby boy I have ever known and the cutest, too. I almost got weepy when I was telling Khris how I want to try to make every moment of his life feel like the best dream he could ever have. That's how much it is possible to love another person. Ahhhh.