Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Tooth update

As of this morning, all of Elias's first year molars have broken through. Three of them have all four points out. I'm surprised how smoothly these teeth have come through. And so thankful for Elias, obviously, poor guy.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

If you're happy and you know it...

Elias is really amazing me. Today, I started singing this song to him. He clapped his hands, he stomped his feet, and he said "Rah!" for Hooray. Brad also noticed that he can name every picture in one of his baby sign books with his words! (baby, bird, cat, dog, fish, flower, book) He can say "cool," too.

Another thing Elias did today is that he went poo and pee on his potty!! This is the second time, but today, he actually told me when he was pooing and when he was peeing. Brad and I both agree our son is a genuis!

Monday, November 14, 2005

Trouble in the mouth and other tales...

Two weeks ago this Wednesday will mark the anniversary of Elias's first ER visit. While playing with his buddy Piper, Elias lost his balance and fell on his wooden kazoo. He puncture the back of his upper palate quite severely, it bled alot and I am certain it hurt quite a bit. He was a real trooper through the whole expereince, however. He was basically back to his old self at the emergency room, and only seemed kinda fussy that night. I think his mouth was sore, understandably, and he had a hard time having milk. By Saturday, the hole was almost completely healed and Elias was devouring a variety of hard, crunchy foods with no hesitation. Yeah! Brad and I are both a bit leery of the kazoo these days. It stays on a shelf and can only be played while Elias is being held by someone. It's probably going to take us longer to get over this one than Elias.

Elias has really been chatty these days, and extremely flirty with people. Still not interested in kissing or hugging anyone other than Brad and myself, but definitely interested in trying out his charm with strangers and others. He's saying "Hi" and "Morning". He's kinda a little parrot. He'll pretty much try to say anything I can say. He also tries to have conversations by pointing out the things he knows. For example, if he sees leaves, he says "leave" and gestures in the direction of the leaf he is interested in. He says "pho" for phone, "har" for heart, plane, and so many things. He can moo, bark, baulk, and meow. He says "Whoa" and "Ouch" just before he pinches my arm (not so endearing). He's really becoming a big boy.

Today, we went to the indoor park to play. He can now walk all the way from the car to the gym. IMPRESSIVE. We are still working on staying with mommy and not wandering off into the grass. While walking in today, Elias knelt down to pick up what I thought was a leaf. I was mortified to see he was trying to grab a hunk of dog poo, yikes, nice intervention there. By the time we got inside, Elias had procured a nice pine cone. In the gym, we saw Story and Liam. Elias's pine cone was sorely desired by Story, so he went for it. I was impressed with how well Elias fended him off, not with any malice did they interact with each other, Story just tried to grab his pine cone and Elias kept pulling his hand away. Eventually, Story's mom intervened and that was that. I would have thought the two boys would have worked it out just fine, with Story eventually getting the picture that Elias didn't want to give up his pine cone. I don't know why adults have to interfere so much. I guess some parents may have been very offended. I also assume Story's mom was wanting to teach Story something about respecting other people's property. Lessons to be learned in whatever route is taken, I guess.

At dinner today, Elias engaged me in a game of pat-a-cake. He started by clapping his hands and saying "pa-eee." Then he started rolling his one arm, as he likes to to. But today, he also chimed in with "E" when I said sign it with an E. Impressive. He's really growing up. Very verbal little guy.