Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Elias enjoying the water squirts at the pool! 5-27-05 Posted by Hello

"I like to get messy when I eat...it's good for the complexion!" 5-19-05 Posted by Hello

Family portrait, 5-15-05 Posted by Hello

Baby boxing 5-15-05 Posted by Hello

Enjoying the deer and scenery at the lake. 5/14/05 Posted by Hello

Riding high on Mother's Day Posted by Hello

Baby Guitar on Mother's Day Posted by Hello

The days of danger

Today, I awoke to the sound of wine bottles clanking together in the dining room. Where's my little boy? At 5AM no less, he had flown the coup and was in the process of moing his play yard to get to the forbidden wine rack. That's how I started my day. I brought him back into bed and tried to nurse him back to sleep. This must have worked for a few minutes... I then woke up to a thud and a cry, Elias has fallen off the mattress which he can usually slink off with ease. Not starting out so smooth. As the morning progressed, so did the accidents. The table in his bedroom, down on top of him, the nightstand, a near disaster. And, finally, the slip off the piano onto the window sill. This little man is crazy!

I have to mention also that yesterday, while eating his breakfast, and while I was putting away silverware next to him, he swiftly grabbed the drawer and pulled himself into the drawer, toppling the highchair, with me left hanging on to his head (it was the only part of him I could grab!!). The whole chair with him in it fell down, but I think I broke the fall.

Despite the daredevil stunts, no injuries have bee sustained, well, except perhaps the slightly traumatized momma. Daily I grapple with what I should and shouldn't let him explore and figure out. Let's face it, he does have to learn that he should take his time getting out of bed, and that if he grabs the drawer while he's in his highchair, he could fall over. Actually, though, these things he is doing I could not have foreseen the outcome, although I can now, that's for certain. I don't want him to get hurt. It sucks. But, aside from caging him in up, it seems inevitable! I think he could hurt himself on a cotton ball if he tried, I really do. I try to look at this as Elias teaching mommy a thing or two about child-proofing. Achieving it is so much more than just locking drawers and plugging outlets, it's like Zen...

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Elias waves bye bye, for real!

Today, as we left Brad's grandparent's house, Elias put up his little hand a waved farewell as we left. It was so exciting, Brad said he almost shed a tear.

He's been practicing standing quite a bit over the weekend, he may be taking his first real step anyday.

Elias is pretty funny. He likes to blow bubbles in the glass of water while "drinking." He also likes to make fart noises on my arms and legs. Sometimes he bites my arms and legs...that's no fun.

The other day when walking with some friends, Elias got down to the stroller tire and started picking the dirt off and eating it! He loves to eat his books and paper of any kind. In the sandbox, he'll stick his slobbery hand in the sand and come up with a handful of sand. Guess where this goes? Right into the mouth! Ugh! His oral fixation kinda grosses me out. I hope we move past this phase someday.

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Walking Man

Elias attempted his first steps this weekend. He's a bold little man with relatively little balance. He is determined though, and twice on Saturday, he decided to pull away, while standing, and take a stab at this thing we call walking. Landed square on his bottom, but he sure does get an "A" for effort!

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Elias:strong brain and body

I've been watching Elias use his brain power and physical might lately. For example, he can pull his playyard all around the dining room. It looks pretty impressive! He has been toying with the idea of standing, recently, and has stood freely several times for several seconds! The latest time, we were at the pool in the water! I was like "What are you doing?!@#$#!!?"

But, where his body is growing, so is his brain by tenfold. I recently added a flip the flaps book to his nightitme reading collection and Brad told me the other day that Elias can flip the flaps. So, sure enough, I watched him reading the other night and he can! I never imagined he'd be interaction with books already this way!

Yesterday, we played on the floor in the living room for a long time. Elias was mastering dropping the ball into this hole on this musical light up toy. He's good at it! And, when it falls into the hole, he looks down sideways and tries to reach in through the top to get that darn ball that he knows is inside.

Elias is also very curious about his tongue and the tongues of others these days. He sticks his tongue out and laughs at the sight of other tongues. He grabs his tongue and really laughs when he puts his hands in my mouth and I surprise him with my togue on his fingers.

There are many other things a-happening with this little boy.