Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Tiger and Tag, II

After our last go around with the fish, we were gun shy, to say the least, about having another go. This weekend, Brad and Elias went out and got two new fish, with the same names, and even consulted with the goldfish expert, who recommended drops to purify tap water for the fishes. Well, Sunday evening, things started to look bad for both fish. And, in Brad's effort to help save the little fishes, I think he may have inadvertently and through no fault of his own, sped up their demise, as when I awoke in the middle of the night, no trace of either fish was left. I searched all the rooms and eventually, found the empty bowl in my office, nicely cleaned and dry. I was so curious, I wanted to wake Brad up, but I waited until the morning. I found out that they had met the same fate as Tag and Tiger, I. Elias seemed relatively unfazed, as he was parroting my predictions from the night before that the fish were dying, right from the start. Brad says we try a Beta next. I agree wholeheartedly.

On another note, we are headlong into the beginning phases of potty training or "independence in the bathroom" as Montessorians call it. What a fun time! (tongue in cheek) Yesterday, Elias pooped in his diaper (cloth) and took the liberty to release it onto the kitchen floor. He was very excited and sat his poopy bottom down on the floor to enjoy the looks of his poo, leaving another nice smear, and to top it off, he then stepped in it and started to track it around. Yeah! I didn't freak out, but I did have some panic attacks that we might all come down with schistosomaisis or something. The real icing was during the bath, when we were enjoying friendly waterplay, Elias takes a poop right in the tub and then, as I frantically scoop out Elias first and all of the toys and then little floating turd, Elias proudly pees on the rug right in front of the toilet, despite my urgings to actually place his penis in the toilet and pee. I felt kinda gross after this one.

On a more pleasant note, this morning, I truly enjoyed watching Elias interact with some other children from music class. And I was proud and sad at the same time to see him engaging in the Pelelay game on the other side of the parachute. He is growing into such a wonderful little boy, and with bittersweet reflection, will not much longer rely on mommy being by his side to enjoy the world!

Sunday, January 07, 2007