Friday, April 21, 2006


Elias is feeling a bit under the weather today...way to cooperative, a little lovey and very snifflely and snotty. Although he put up the good fight around nap time, I really don't know how the nap thing will work with baby. Maybe it will go away which will be very sad because I know he needs it. We'll have to wait and see, I guess.

Anyway, I've been noticing more and more around the house little piles of rocks. And the other night, Brad said, "What's this rock doing up here?" I believe the rocks are Elias's first collection. He picks them up from the yard, from on walks, or from the park and sticks them into his pockets, into my bag, or just carries them around and eventually, they end up somewhere around the house. Last night, I gathered all of the rock piles from around the house into one bowl! Practically filled it! He's really pretty clever, isn't he?

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

"Baby born soon?"

Waking up is always a crap shoot with Elias. Some mornings, he's happy and playful, others, he's demanding and grumpy. This morning, I awoke to little boy whispers (I forget what he was saying). Then, he crawled over to me, laid down in the nook of my arm and put his hand on my huge belly. "Baby born soon?" he questioned. Then, he talked about hearing the heartbeat, doing a little, beat beat beat impression, he reviewed how my blood pressure had been taken at previous doctor's appointments, and then just wrapped his little arm around my massage lump and cuddled with me for a little while. He giggled as I tickled him under his chin and called himself my tickle bug, too.

I can't remember everything else he had to say, but it was just one of those mornings that reminds me that everything is really going to be great for our family. :-)

Friday, April 07, 2006

Funny little one

I wanted to write about so many things, but it seems like when I have the time, all of the funny, quirky little elements of your personality, Elias, blend into something non-specific. Responding to your Dad's latest post reminded me of something funny and clever you do right now. I think I started, but you have taken it to new heights!! Here's how it goes:

I've said things like "Pee-you, you are smelly, Smelly Smellerson." or " You've made quite a mess, Messy Messerson." Well, now, you do it, with just about anything! When I say I love you, you say Lovey Loverson. When I call you bub, you say, Bubby Bubberson. Stinky Stinkerson, etc. It just blows me away how you have started to make these generalizations on your own, and it is just too darn cute!

The other thing you do, especially around eating, is that when you ask for something, like a fruit leather, but I don't have any, then you start negotiating and say back to me "How 'bout cheddar bunnies?" I guess I must do that to some degree with you, when I am trying to negotiate around eating. It's just too funny to hear it coming right back at me! Much love my cuddle bug.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Cute pics of sweet boy

The dangers of daylight savings

I never really cared either way about daylight savings, but having a child changes everything! Elias's adjustment resembles that of a person on a mission in space or maybe of someone displaced to Alaska in total light or darkness. Nonetheless, Elias is holding firm to one hour earlier, especially around bedtime. Tonight, I finally went upstairs after a good solid hour of crying, loud, determined crying with Brad. Elias did not want to go to bed. His body continues to believe it is 8:00PM instead of 9:00PM. Finally, at 9:47PM, he gave in, stopped crying, and fell asleep to my very boring rendition of The Little Red Hen. THANK GOD! The irony is that he continues to wake up right on schedule - 7:00AM. Where is the justice in that?

Elias has also been unbelievably unsteady. I am again going to blame this on DST. On Monday, I think he fell, head first on his latte spoon. It's a lovely shade of green, at present. No amount of arnica could stave off a good, solid bruise. Yesterday, he pressed against a peg board in the garage and knocked off a wrench that clipped his eye and nose. How awful it is to be a parent sometimes. The overwhelming responsibility. The constant worry. I really worry about all of the potential hazards, most unforeseen, no amount of babyproofing can protect him from the dangers of the world. Phoey! Maybe documenting these moments will help Elias not to suffer permanent scars. Oh, yeah, here's another recent incident that freaked all of us out: We were at Lowe's, Elias was walking around the aisle we were in and apparently found an on/off switch on an air compressor without us noticing. Of course, as any good 19 month old would do, he flipped the switch, unleasing the loudest, most alarming noise, really, really scaring him, and both Brad and I. I swooped him up and ran away from the noise and checked all of the his fingers, face and arms. He will still bring it up, talking about how I turned the noise off and about how loud the noise was.

That settles it, I'm going to have a custom sound proof, puffy, bullet proof, slash proof suit from head to toe fashioned for the little man that will grow with him until he is at least 18! Then we can focus primarily on protecting his mind from evil.