Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Eight teeth and other thoughts

Elias has eight teeth, four on top four on bottom. how balanced he must feel! I've been feeling more and more lately our relationship with one another really starting to blossom! I know him which might sound weird because he's been with me ever since he took his second breath and I guess well before that too. Our relationship is starting to become more real, more balanced, too, I guess, not unlike his teeth. I love him so passionately sometimes I fear I'll crack my teeth gritting with love!! He is so good and sweet and truly is the center of my world... I'm glad for that! It's about time someone else held that post!

The weather has been fantastic and we have started this week taking lots of walks. I think tomorrow we may play with Charolette in her little baby pool. I love that he is developing regular playmates. I will enjoy watching them grow into friendships. Elias played with Gus today...they were suprisingly gentle with one another. Sattie, Gus's momma, made a very interesting point about babies and the whole concept of sharing. That the baby just sort of thinks, for the most part, "No problem if that other baby takes my toy. I'll just grab is back!" It's just so simple and balanced in alot of ways. I wonder when it all changed? How nice it would be to be able to just act on an emotion, feeling or desire, without being caught up with how this affects someone else. Clearly, I'm talking about "good intentions," nothing evil or malicious. Maybe I'll start practicing this with Brad, when he's drinking a cup of tea or eating a chocolate bar, just nabbing it for myself!!! He could always take it back if he really wanted to. Is that evil?

Friday we are leaving Elias with Duane and Jim and going to see the Pixies. We are seeing B-sides, which I was pleasantly suprised I am familiar with thanks to ptownpoolboy P-Lohr who has over the years, helped to up my cool factor by exposing me to good tunes. Thanks P! We love ya over here. Anyway, leaving Elias, part of me wants to have a real night out but the other part says race to the show, in and out and home by 9PM. I'll miss him, I think. I know...

Monday, May 16, 2005

Lots of new can-dos

It has been so long since I've last written, partially because our laptop has been down for two weeks and it is not easy to find the time to escape downstairs away from the little bug. He is sitting in my lap chewing a plastic soup ladel, so I'm not sure how far I will get. He has accomplished alot inin the past 14 days. To name a few:

1. Elias can climb stairs
2. He can crawl up onto a trampoline.
3. He can crawl off of the bed without bonking.
4. He can crawl into his toy bin and stand.
5. He can crawl on top of a flipped over laundry basket.
6. He can unscrew a flashlight.
7. Elias can pull the night stand down on top of himself (along with the kitchen chair)
8. Elias has seven teeth.
9. Elias understands the milk sign and can make it if he wants to.
10. He has been spotted pointing with his whole hand.
11. He has been spotted waving bye-bye from across the room.
12. Elias has demonstrated an affinity for my sock drawer.

Elias continues to get stronger and more assertive every day. He growls and sings and knows how to be sneaky.

Very little progress with the hairs.

Monday, May 02, 2005

My little Latin lover...

Elias expressly likes the spanish songs on his Dan Zanes CD. He smiles ear to ear, giggles, squeals and often flaps the ole' arms when these songs come on. Maybe he'll be a linguist or an interpreter? Maybe he'll want to be a matador or a hat dancer?? Lara thinks he might be a Latin lover in the making...tee hee.

Sunday, May 01, 2005

ALWAYS knock on wood.

The other day, our friends Duane and Jim came over for dinner. I casually mentioned to Duane that Elias is just the best baby, no issues whatsoever, and that he sleeps brilliantly, aside from waking up seeral times at night, he usually goes to bed with ease, he takes two long naps each day and he never wants to "wake up" in the middle of the night for play. I vow never to say anything like this again because no sooner did I mention this, then it all fell apart! Sleep is in total disarray since I said that. Ugh.

This goofed up sleep schedule has left Mr. Elias feeling quite sensitive during the day. He's up and down like the "Blue Streak" at Cedar Point. And, his cries, which I think I might have mentioned in an earlier blog, are reminescent to a Teredactyl, seriously prehistoric. Poor guy. I'm thinking all of this change is leading up to something big, like a kanine tooth or free standing or recital of our national anthem. Who knows?

Lately, in watching Elias "on the move," I have come to imagine his future potential. For example, he quite enjoys blowing and yelling/talking into his plastic bead, which creates a neat echo. I recently purchased him a stretch plastic tube that makes a whistling sound if spun around above the head (my best description). He likes to talk/sing/yell through it as well and gets a real kick out of me doing it back to him. So, maybe his calling will be more within the wind instruments than in strings...

Elias also takes great delight in going through his book basket and sampling the books, usually with his mouth. Who am I kidding? Everything still makes it to the mouth. In fact, the other day, when I went to take Elias out of his car seat, he had the address tag from the airlines from our recent trip to Ohio half devoured in his little mouth. I had to dig out the paper bits from his mouth! He wasn't very happy about that, neither was I.

Elias does get extremely excited by his bath, he squeals and squeals and tries to lift his little legs into the tub. We have a tub seat, handed down and passed along to us from Jennifer and he enjoys it! Maybe he'll lead deep sea expeditions!

One definite change noticed lately is that when 5:30PM rolls around and he hears the front door open and close, he knows his Daddy is home and he is sooo excited to greet him with a big smile and some arm flapping!

So much is happening these days, it's hard to remember it all by the time I have some time for writing. He is really growing fast, that's without a doubt!