Monday, July 16, 2007


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Summer, summer, summer...

My goodness, the time has really been flying. Well, for the month of June, we were all pretty sick at one point or the other. Elias had an awful bout of Tonsilitus...followed by an allergic reaction to penicillin. He was so sick! I think he maintained a fever over 102 degrees for a solid week. There were several days where it was hard to get him to just drink something. AND, we sat on the couch pretty much all day and watched Pooh's Heffalump movie about 10,000 times, which would make anyone feel a little cuckooooo.

Sometime in the past month, we have entered into a phase of toddler/preschooler-hood. It came quite unexpectedly, and brought with it the end of the afternoon nap. It's been an adjustment. There's a fair share of unsolicited screaming and yelling, running away and tantrums. It has been interesting, trying both our faith in humanity.

On the more wonderful angle, Elias is even more fun to talk with. He has started to do more imaginative/creative/ pretend play. And, his memory continues to be out of his world, and he has totally maxed out on cuteness.

We went camping at Silver Falls last week. Camping is so much fun, but it is also very hard for little people. It tired Elias out after one night. The second day, we went on a moderate hike and Elias peetered out on the return and was pretty much spent for the rest of the day. He was a live wire. Camping, to me, presented a million dangers for little ones. It was stressful for me as the only there. I think we might try it again in a few weeks, though. Turns out, Elias's favorite part of camping are the marshmallows and chocolate for smores! :-)