Saturday, February 24, 2007

The Opossum and other spooky tales

Last week, whilst getting ready for a walk in the cart, Elias wandered about the garage as usual and then asked, "Momma, what's this thing sleeping here?" I asked him what thing and walked closer to where he was standing. He was right next to a nasty, HUGE disgusting ole' opossum. I freaked and practically left him there in the garage. I scooped him up and he was terrified by me. By the time we made it into the house, I had composed myself and was able to apologize for scaring him and explain what I had saw. Yuck Yuck Yuck. And, we had one hell of a time getting that sucker out. Pretty much we didn't get it out as much as it left on its own accord at dark. That was great topic of discussion for many days following.

This has been a challenging month in the life of Elias. We continue to chip away at the potty training. His is a question of will, I think. Often, when he's "making feces" in his pants, he'll look at me first and I'll asked the inevitable question, to which he will yell back "NO!" Oh well, can't blame a girl for trying. We are trying to be strong. Well, at least stronger than him, otherwise for sure, we'll all flop. He's doing well and is overall quite cooperative, especially when he feels that we are consistent and enthusiastic, too. Tough work.

We were going to start preschool this month, but that didn't pan out, which is just as well. I was really feeling like it was too soon for him to be away from me for so long. So, we adjusted a little with the babysitter so that Elias and I can have some alone time while Cheryle is here. I have really been enjoying it. I am learning a lot from him. Learning how to just accept him for who he is and letting go of my own agendas. It has been a challenge, but one from where growth all around has occurred.

Elias is such an amazing and funny little creature, too. He's been impersonating Dahlia's cry and her babbles quite a bit. I think he is really feeling the shift in her needs and how it is affecting the attention he receives. 2 1/2 is really so hard because they are always testing limits and sometimes I find him so aggravating, but getting upset only makes things worse. I have to stretch my patience and reframe the situation, remain calm and try to make a learning lesson out of everything. It is hard.

Elias is 2 1/2. What's going on with him? He wants to get into everything, he wants to do stuff he shouldn't. He's curious about what happens when he does stuff, like toothbrushes down the drain (one out, two more down). He likes to splash water and spit water from one cup to another. He likes to splash around in his pee on the floor. He likes to pat his sister on the head and squeeze her until she cries (sorry Dahlia).

We've been doing bath time lately, he and I. I'll fill the tub up and close the curtain (which is clear) and he'll splash and chat and tell me what he's doing. He'll ask me to hold things or ask me to put things into the tub. He'll ask me how things work or tell me about something he's thinking about. He'll tell me he's going to do something I've asked him not to and he'll tease me. There is often screaming because I won't let him do something dangerous (like jump up and down in the tub) or because I haven't done something right (like not put on his towel correctly following his bath). Here's one funny thing he did recently in the bath: he pulled his penis out of the tub, peed in measuring cup, and handed it to me to pour into the toilet. Silly. All in all, it's such a nice time together, and I love that little stink bomb. He's such an amazing little mind.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Being a parent is hard

Oh, you cute sweet thing, why must you torture me so? Today is the day of torture, worse than any bamboo chutes under the nails. Constant whining crying pick me uping. Constant disregard for every word I utter. Constant testing of the limits you know so well. Why god why!?! What have I done so horrible to deserve such torture?? What do I need to do to make it stop?