Tuesday, April 26, 2005

My boy in late March. Very sweet and smiley. Posted by Hello

Monday, April 25, 2005

Time flying by

Gosh, so much has been happening these days, I hardly know where to begin. Elias is getting huge, both physically and mentally/emotionally. He hardly seems like a baby anymore. :-( Lately, he has really begun to demonstrate anger, frustration and impatience. I believe I have a toddler here. He has developed a specific screamy-cry just for the emotions. And, if things go too far, he puts forth such a sad, beaten-down sounding cry, it just breaks my heart. I know this must be a super frustrating time for him. He is developing the capacity for preferences, expectation, etc., but is still unable to communicate any of this, leaving us, in the speaking and even signing world dumbfounded. For example, tonight, Elias took a very short nap and although he didn't wake up crying, was obviously tired still. I brought him out into the kitchen (because we were eating) , nursed him a bit and then put him in his highchair, preparing to offer him some food. I gave him some cottage cheese, and within minutes of spreading it all over his tray and face, was just desperate. He was so sensitive like that for the rest of the evening. He would squirm away and I'd put him down and he'd cry or scream to be picked up. He'd come to me and start feeding and just seem so disappointed for no apparent cause. I think he just felt like nothing was going right for him. It is very hard to see him like this, but I was reading in a book somewhere that it is just that determination and drive to overcome frustration through learning how to communicate and to do things on their own that help them achieve. I try to think of this for hope and understanding during those moments when Elias seems to be ready to cry over spilled milk.

He's cute and lovey. He likes to be tickled under his chin and pretend gobbled on his back. He's a big fan of other people's noses and has also recently learned to grab the cat's tail. Both Brad and I think his hair is really growing in, but to a complete stranger, he's probably still a bald, little baby.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

6th tooth and other amazing feats

Since the last post, Elias has started babbling, first saying "bababababababa" and then "mamamamama" and "dadadadadadada." Ma and da occured while on our trip to Ohio. Ma on April 10th, da on April 11th. Today, he is stringing all of his syllabels together, really chatting away. His sixth tooth came in just before the trip, as predicted. He is really growing up "right before our eyes," as Brad said just the other day and whimpered.

He had a most wonderful trip to Ohio where he met his cousin Shaun and Uncles Matt and Ken for the first time. Lots of first introductions. Also, his first airplane trip, which he just handled so wonderfully. He was a little sick, so we gave him some Benedryl for the trip, which relaxed him and helped his ears and nose. We all had such a great time and were sad to have the fun end. Being with my family really makes me wish I lived closer and could be more a part of their daily lives as well as they of ours. I am looking forward to Elias's first birthday for our next reunion!

Today, we are slowly unpacking and readjusting to being home. He is showing me how he has mastered standing up in risky places. He is also showing with his facial expressions and eyes an understanding of certain words like kitty and ball. He is really amazing me everyday. The vacation was such a nice break from our regular routine, and has left mommy feeling refreshed.