Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Toddler OCD

Elias has an obsession for order. Well, it's not quite and obsession, but it's big. Things, he sees things and decides they must be somewhere specific and mostly out of context. Train tracks need to be on the green chair, especially the "little" track. something is generally lined up on the corners of the tables, like tonight, a snake tower of wedgits, which seems really normal. The other day, he had a complete breakdown because he was trying to line up some magnet letters with a photo that just wasn't working out right. The dinger with the red handle for the little triangle is frequently found hidden behind the mail on the mail table. I pull back the curtains to discover train tracks and matchbox cars on the window sill.

I really could go on and on. I'll find little gummy bear vitamins sitting at the conrer edge of things all around the house...the sink, the tank of the toilet, corner of the kitchen counter. Every morning, he requests one red bear and one orange bear, of which each morning he eats the orange bear and places the red bear around somewhere special. I convinced him to eat the red bear by telling him that the bears keep him healthy and strong. That's incentive!

Anyway, toddler behavior is so odd, it's enough to worry any parent a little.

When I returned from Ohio, I brought back with me my little rocking chair from when I was a squirt. My mom says it was my brothers, but as I remember it, from pictures, it was mine. Elias seems right at home in it. He had just ransacked my luggage and scored some special travel headphones, which he insisted on wearing while sitting next to his book and rocking in what he will likely always remember as his rocking chair. Ain't he sweet?

This week has culminated in a great sense of relieve regarding Elias's immediate educational future. We now have heard back from two schools that he has been accepted, both schools that I strongly approved. What to do, what to do...at least he will have somewhere to go now. I will miss him so, but I think it will be good for him, a great opportunity for learning, socializing and growth.

We've been all sleeping together lately, which has it's advantages and disadvantages for sure. Last night, Elias wriggled to where his entire body was across all of the pillows at the top of the bed. And then, later when Dahlia stirred, he stirred too and found his fingers to my back and started Rub-fest, 2007. You would think that getting a backrub would be relaxing and enjoyable. Not from a 2.8 year old, I can assure you. It's paniful and annoying at best. At 7:00, when Brad's alarm went off, he started in again. He's got really sharp little nails and he tends to catch them repeatedly over bumpy moles...not fun. When Brad got back from his shower, I sent Mr. Touchy-feely over to Dad, who get's to sleep in his own full-size bed alone across the room, I might add. Something is wrong with this picture. I think we need a bigger bed to share the love.