Sunday, October 22, 2006

Crackin' me up these days...

It's official, Elias IS something else! He has really been blowing my mind with his actions lately and making me laugh all the while!

Big discovery of the day: flopping down face first on the bed is mucho fun!

Thursday, October 19, 2006


Early on in the Peace Corps, I accidentally kicked my much coveted apricot facial scrub, smuggled in from the US, down the pit latrine ("kamo"). It was one of those moments where you're filled with such an urge for a "do-over" at the loss, but really, can do nothing but laugh at how silly it really was to a.) try to pee in the dark without a flashlight, and b.) set things of such great value so close to the hole.

We had a repeat situation State-side this morning. Elias managed to drop his adult size battery-operated tooth brush down the sink. In my and Brad's scurry to accomplish morning tasks before Brad heads to work, we took our eyes off of the little silly stinker for a few minutes while brushing his teeth. The next thing we hear is his little sweet innocent voice chirping, "My toothbrush feel down the hole! My toothbrush fell down the hole!" Our response, "What hole??" only lead to the discovery that yes, in fact, and quite frankly, against all odds, the adult size battery-operated toothbrush is lodged just out of reach in our bathroom sink drain. Who knows how long it may remain. Water seems to pass it just fine.

Monday, October 09, 2006

hello, i'm cute

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Sinatra in the making

Elias has started singing like crazy lately. All of those songs I've sang to him over and over and over are being chirped back to me over and over and over again! Ba ba black sheep, red is rojo, bingo, old macdonald, itsy bitsy spider, Gigantic, etc. He likes to sing it loud and proud!

Elias has also started to put puzzles together. Although Brad says he's been doing it for awhile, I disagreed. He picked up pieces out of the box - without any help - and searched for the match. The last time we tried, he was just jamming random, unmatched pieces together...real progress.

There are lots of things Elias does that amaze me everyday. I'm so lucky to be home with him to witness all of the amazing feats as he develops.