Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Elias the chatter box

Elias is talking more than I can count words anymore. He asks for just about anything he wants and mostly it is understandable. He can say thank you and please and can also say bless you when you sneeze, except it comes out "blah blue." You get it, though, and he gets it. It has been really amazing because in some ways, Elias hasn't changed that much from my perspective 17 months. But, in fact, he really has and he is quickly turning into my little boy and turning away from being my little baby.

Yesterday, we played with clay for like 45 minutes! I made little balls and handed them to Elias while he placed them on a piece of construction paper and flattened them with his finger, with each one, making a sincere grunt. I was very impressed with his level of attention and interest.

I also am amazed by Elias's memory. He will bring up things that happenned days earlier, and almost always, when I ask him to tell Brad something specific about his day, he will do it. He has also taken to cleaning up quite nicely, and will do things I ask, like take something to daddy or go to the bathroom for a diaper change if I ask him to.

One of the things I am enjoying most is cuddling at night. We will usually start out sleeping in different places, but as the night progresses, Elias stirs and is quickly calmed/soothed by me taking him close to me in my arms. He continues to wake up in the morning with lots to talk about. This morning, the topic was identifying my body parts in the dark: eyes, nose, mouth, leg and knee were priority.

Oh, he has taken to kissing and hugging my belly, the baby in my belly. It is so sweet. He is soo sweet and good. I love him so much, sometimes it is as if I'll burst.

Monday, January 02, 2006


It's hard to believe that Christmas already came and went this year. Nothing about our lives felt like Christmas, at least not to me. The move has really made us bonkers. I will look forward to next year when Elias can find lots of goodies under the tree and in his stocking at home. That will be nice.

For Christmas proper, we went to Las Vegas to visit Dad, Lynn, Jocelyn and Jillian. Elias impressed them with his speaking skills. He called Dad "pa" and could call to Coco and Puddles. He really liked the dogs, except would get bugged by Coco's relentless licking and jumping. Elias enjoyed pulling ornaments off of the tree (which Grandma Lynn did not appreciate), switching the TV and Christmas lights on and off, and playing in Grandpa's rock garden.

All in all, it was nice seeing family, as it seems that as the years pass, it gets harder and harder to connect. I suspect we'll be home next year, with our two bundles, maybe venturing out to Salem for some hours to enjoy the folks in Brad's family.