Tuesday, May 23, 2006

fun in the sun

one recent sunny day, poolside fun turned silly when elias started filling his potty with cold water and then sitting in it!!!!

the dust settling...

finally, things are getting back to normal around here. and it shows with elias. my, how we treasure our little routines. it is amazing how much independence elias has had to take on. some days, he manages, others, like this morning, he really starts doing stuff to make me nuts! like today, he threw cheddar bunnies all over and then "cleaned them up" he said, by flinging them all around the house. he took forever to leave the house, but once we did, the day was good.

we played at heide and piper's place today after music class. elias was looking pretty tired once we got home. so, we all three ventured upstairs to nap. it was a three ring circus! boy, can i perservere. after an hour of shielding dahlia from kicks and trying to quiet down grunts from all around, both were asleep. i amazingly rolled out of there with dahlia without waking elias, who went on to have a lovely 2 hour nap. i felt kinda guilty for making him stay up there and lay down, but a friend and fellow mother of 2 assured me that we all do it. whew.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

and enters Dahlia...

Elias's sister, Dahlia, was finally born one week ago today. Elias seems quite smitten with her. His adjustment to sharing me and Brad is a different story. Actually, I think he is doing okay, but there has definitely been an increase in crying and acting out. Might as well correlate with being 20 months. Nonetheless, Brad and I spend alot of time worrying about how we may have potentially ruined his life.

Brad's been home all week and it is pretty scary thinking of how in the world I am going to do it! I think we will all work it out, it just scares me.

One (of many) cute thing Elias has been doing is wearing Dahlia's polka dot socks. They are a little small, but I think it helps him feel more connected to her. We also recently purchased a little guitar for Elias. He has started to play "I love you" song for Dahlia. He also likes to play the Buenos Diaz song. Speaking of which, his spanish is really taking off, faster than Brad and I can keep up! He's really an amazing sweety.