Monday, March 19, 2007

Green popstickles and blue Elias eggs

Boy, tis the season for lots of special holiday activities. After Christmas sugar cookies and Valentine's heart taping were such a smash hit, I decided that all we could celebrate with zealous all holidays. On Friday, we made green "popstickles" with lemonade and green food coloring. PROBLEM 1: Never let a two year old manage the food coloring right out of the gate. He squeezed the bottle with such great force, green sprayed all over the counter and none in the cup. PROBLEM 2: Never let a two year old pour green lemonade into a "popstickle" container without some sort of precautionary tray beneath the project to catch any spills. And, also, never let a two year old pour green lemonade on the counter in front of all the kitchen drawers. Sticky yucky mess everywhere! Mission was accomplished but at a cost to mom.

On Saturday, we put on our green. Elias was green from head to toe and very delighted to wish everyone Happy St. Patrick's day! We had green milk for breakfast and the "popstickles" for dinner!

Today, we dyed easter eggs! After having the boxhalf eaten by a special little guy, we decided it was time. Boy, did he get into it! I did a demonstration, and before I was through, Elias had several eggs in each of the three bowls of dye. He swished and stirred the eggs around with the little metal stick that comes with the dye. And of course, had his fingers in each one too! (Those little wire things are impossible to use). He used the little magic crayon to scribble out some lines and I put all of our names on our own individual names, which he really enjoyed. Dahlia sat across from us in the highchair and ate the crayon I gave her to use to draw on her egg. Fun was had by all! Elias scooped out most of the eggs, but decided that three eggs needed a super long dose of the blue dye. He's three eggs turned out the very coolest!

Of course, we had to sample one egg that had cracked. Elias had quite the technique of literally smashing the egg with amazing force unti lthe yolk was completely squished! I thought for sure he was going to have nothing to eat but a handful of shell mashed into egg white. He was able to peel the shell quite well, and then nibbles away at the white. Fun was had by all!

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